Emotions of the day

Omdat dit op mijn verjaardag was:

The Daily Q’uote for September 27, 2014

“Attempt, if you would be good to yourself, not to turn and run from painful feelings, but rather to choose a time to nurture the self and within that nurturing time alone look at, accept, and offer respect to the bruises, the hurt feelings, the pain that is going on. For these emotions, when accepted and respected, can scour and scrub much material that is ready to be taken off of one’s shoulders, emotionally speaking, and rinse those ripened, matured evidences of pain away. In many ways, sorrow and its tears, anger and its loud voices, are healing to the troubled soul. The anger, the sorrow, these are not things to fear; they are experiences to go through in the way that is most true and real for each.”